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Vione kids


Vione kids

80 €

3.30 H (2 IN WATER)

Minimum age 9 years

Tours organized on request

Physical demands


Technical demands


Water games



LANDSCAPE (Fantastic)





This canyon is about half way down Lago di Garda just after Campione del Garda and is an ideal trip for children of over 9 years. .ts location close to the lake gives it a very warm climate and this combined with our experience using special equipment for children ensures lots of fun for the younger members of the family as well as those that accompany them. With a duration of around 2 hours in water and numerous water features including 7 slides (some very long), numerous jumps, and 3 exciting abseils all suited to children, makes this possibly the best descent in the Lago di Garda area for junior canyoners ….

Map and video route


The meeting point is at our base in PIEVE DI LEDRO, VIA NUOVA 7, LAGO DI LEDRO, 20 minutes’ drive from Riva del Garda (free parking).
For tourists who are unable to reach us, we can provide transport from the northern Lago di Garda area, only on specific request when booking.

Click HERE for directions on how to reach the meeting point.

  • Wear a swimming costume
  • Tough synthetic training shoes
  • Change of dry clothes and a towel.
  • • Snacks or drinks for after the canyon but not during the activity.

EXTRA: we can hire you some at an extra charge – please check for availability when booking

  • All technical equipment
  • 5 mm neoprene canyoning wetsuit (or 8 mm for people who suffer a lot from the cold)
  • 3 mm wetsuit boots washed and disinfected after every use
  • Helmet
  • Harness
  • Protection equipment
  • Guide alpine UIAGM con specializzazione canyoning
  • Transfer andata e ritorno dalla nostra sede gratuito
  • Souvenir PHOTOS included. During the breaks and at certain points your Guide can take photographs that we offer free to the participants.

  • You need to be fit enough for an approach walk of 20 minutes and moving constantly during the excursion for about 4.00 h
  • You must be able to walk over uneven ground
  • You should feel confident in water
  • The activity requires a good state of health.


Significant back disorders, resulting for example from major surgery, scoliosis, or osteoporosis, could cause problems from the impacts generated when jumping and sliding in the water. You must state this when booking and subsequently you should tell the Guide leading the trip. In serious cases we do not recommend this activity.

  • Meeting point at our base in Pieve di Ledro (If you are staying along the route between our base and the start of the canyon we will pick you up on the way).
  • Quick check of all necessary equipment.
  • Formal acceptance of the activity (the signature of a parent or guardian is required for minors)
  • Transport for about 45 minutes to the canyon entrance.
  • Gearing up with the equipment provided by the organization.
  • Approach walk to the stream about 15-20 minutes.
  • Technical briefing with your Guides on how to behave inside the canyon.

To leave you with unforgettable memories of this incredible environment, enjoy your holiday 100%, and come back next year for another adventure!

It is important to tell your Guide if you need to carry specific things on the trip, like diabetes kits, glasses, spare contact lenses, etc., before leaving our base! We have special waterproof containers for carrying small items like these.


Trentinoclimb has created a convention to facilitate families from 4 people upwards, which it provides a discount of about 10% only with direct booking at TRENTINOCLIMB.


Reservations must be made in advance by telephone agreement

  • by calling +393477847082 (also WHATSAPP)
  • by mail:
  • directly in the office in PIEVE DI LEDRO via Nuova n ° 7 lago di Ledro.

having checked availability with the office, the amount must be paid to our bank account.
C / C Mirko Corn Cassa Rurale Trento
T 38 S 08304 01810 000010081269
Swift: CCRTIT2T76A


  • The activity chosen, the name and surname of the group leader
  • Name, surname, weight and height for each participant, necessary for the technical equipment
  • By sending the receipt of payment

The office will then send you a notification with the booking confirmation: reserved seats, day and time of the canyoning.

Is it a problem if I wear glasses or contact lenses?
If you cannot do without glasses you should tie them on with a cord (ask our guides for help at our base). On big jumps you should take them off and put them in your jacket pocket. Disposable contact lenses are recommended – some of our guides use them daily without problems.


What if I am afraid of jumping?
This is no problem and our guides can always lower you down on the rope. Sliding and jumping are great fun, but never obligatory.


If it rains and the trip is cancelled will I lose my fee?
Trips are not normally cancelled for rain since getting wet is part of the fun.
However, if the water level in the canyon is unsafe the trip will be cancelled and your payment will be refunded in full.
In all cases trentinoclimb will inform you of any changes as early as possible.

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