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TRACCIOLINO DEI CONTRABBANDIERI or Cengia dei Contrabbandieri (“Smugglers’ Ledge”)



TRACCIOLINO DEI CONTRABBANDIERI or Cengia dei Contrabbandieri (“Smugglers’ Ledge”)

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age +12 years


TRACCIOLINO DEI CONTRABBANDIERI or Cengia dei Contrabbandieri (“Smugglers’ Ledge”)

The Tracciolino is a combined via ferrata and easy climb, a real adventure crossing a sheer rock face!
In a uniquely exposed situation straight above Lago di Garda, it provides a stunning panorama.
The route follows a ledge cutting through the middle of a rock face, once used for smuggling raw materials. As you move along roped together with your guide, the rock face soars up vertically on one side, and on the other drops straight down to the glistening lake far below.

The route has an alternation of difficult sections protected with steel cables, and others where you can walk along this legendary leg…..

The Tracciolino, also known as the Cengia dei Contrabbandieri or Smugglers’ Ledge, is dedicated to Massimiliano Torti, a mountaineer and member of the Riva del Garda Alpine Club who died tragically on Mont Blanc. It  is a fabulous route with breath-taking views that gives the impression of being suspended directly above Lake Garda. Its long history began during the rule of the Austro-Hungarian Empire when a narrow track was developed as the basis for a planned futuristic road that would connect Riva del Garda with Limone sul Garda. The project was abandoned after the outbreak of the First World War. During the conflict it was used by smugglers to transport contraband goods between the states of Italy and Austria. It was rediscovered in the middle of the 1980s by mountaineers from Riva Del Garda and dedicated to Massimiliano Torti in 2000. Many people consider it one of the best outdoor activity adventures during their holidays in Trentino.

This spectacular route is not a normal via ferrata and is instead categorized as a MOUNTAINEERING PATH. This means that there is no steel cable running along the entire route like a normal via ferrata and for safety it is necessary to use a climbing rope. As a MOUNTAINEERING PATH it is unique in Europe, even though not particularly difficult. It mostly follows a rock ledge of about a metre in width, natural in some sections and cut into the rock in others. At some points the ledge is interrupted and there are fixed metal cables and steps like a normal via ferrata to facilitate passage.

The thousands of people who have completed this route agree that the form of progression as a MOUNTAINEERING PATH greatly enhances the experience of the Tracciolino.

The VALLE DI LEDRO TRENTINOCLIMB Alpine Guides organize EXCURSIONS on multiple days of the week throughout the year. Call our office for information and bookings.


The meeting point is at our base in PIEVE DI LEDRO,  VIA NUOVA 7, LAGO DI LEDRO, 20 minutes’ drive from Riva del Garda (free parking). For tourists who are unable to reach us, we can provide transport from the northern Lago di Garda area, only on specific request when booking.


Participants must wear outdoor clothing, hiking boots or tough training shoes, and bring a small rucksack with water and snacks, and possibly a spare T-shirt.


All technical equipment: helmet, harness, via ferrata lanyards. Your Alpine Guide will explain how to correctly use the equipment and the techniques required to safely climb the route.


You need to be in good health and physically fit.

The Smugglers’ Ledge is suitable for people who do not suffer from vertigo and exposure to great heights (see our other options for the many ferratas with different characteristics).


Bookings must be made in advance by telephone to

Tel.+39 347 7847082 WHATSAPP
or directly at our office in PIEVE DI LEDRO, Via Nuova 7, Lago di Ledro.

Specifying the chosen task, the name and last name of the group leader. During the booking phase, the name, surname, weight and height are requested for each participant, necessary for the preparation of the technical equipment, will be asked to send the receipt of payment. Subsequently the office will send you a notification with the confirmation of the reservation: reserved seats, day and time of the via ferrata.

When our office confirms availability you will be requested to pay by direct transfer to our bank account, indicating the name of the route chosen as the REASON FOR PAYMENT.

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