Freeride In the Dolomiti Superski ski area are numerous off-piste slopes with powdery snow, steep canyons and vast snowfields where you can enjoy the best freeride experience.

Your Mountain Guide Mirko Corn, has been freeriding in the Dolomites for many years. His experience and knowledge make him one of the best people to give you a truely unique freeride experience whilst looking after your safely. To practice Freeride safely it is compulsory to use DPI (individual protection devices) which are: Self Rescue Kit: ARVA (an Avalanche Rescue Device), a snow shovel and probe. Technical Skis: These aren’t necessary except for very steep gullies, where a briefing with the guide will be held beforehand. Snowboard: We advise using a soft board. Trentino Climb hires the self-rescue kit at the cost of €20 per person. It is possible to hire skis and technical equipment from selected shops. Below are some of our popular freeride itineraries selected by Mirko Corn our Alpine Guide: Off piste trails leaving from the Pordoi ski lift The vast area of the Pordoi Piz Boe is a famous tourist destination (known as the Terrace of the Dolomites) for its spectacular views from the top which can be easily reached with the ski-lift that leaves from Passo Pordoi. There are several off-piste trails with minimum uphill climbing required. The vastness of the area combined with the unique shape of the terrain, always offers the opportunity to choose the safest and most enjoyable snow to ski on. There are about 20 routes to choose from amongst the most famous and favourite routes of the area, although on specialised guide books one can find up to 60 different off-piste itineraries in this area. The trails I suggest are chosen after having skied them several times with other skiers, allowing me to consider their feedback on the beauty of the landscape and the level of difficulty.

Freeride in Dolomiti Val Mesdi – Trentino Climb Val Mesdì The famous Val Mesdì with its nearly 2000m long drop, its north facing slope enclosed between rocks and its varied and fast incline, makes it an unmissable classic off-piste   ride and a must for any skier. TECHNICAL NOTES: medium difficulty, uphill climb (30 minutes), average total time 5/6 hours.

Val Lasties Val Lasties – Trentino ClimbThe trip begins directly from the ski lift travelling over even terrain and through very open spaces (considering the altitude of 3000m), until we arrive at the hotel Lupo Bianco. I prefer to ski this itinerary at sunset so I can admire the rocks and the snow which turn into a fiery red colour and which makes freeriding even more exhilarating. TECHNICAL NOTES: medium difficulty, no uphill climbing, average total time 2/3 hours.

Val delle Fontane Val delle Fontane – Trentino ClimbThis trail starts from the top of the Piz Boè and opens up at around 1600m onto open slopes and classical wide canals. There are virtually no other skiers on this trail and the conditions, especially in spring with the corn snow (firn) are excellent. TECHNICAL NOTES: medium to advanced difficulty, 250m uphill climbing (1 hour), average total time 5/6 hours. Tour dei canali On the massif there are several beautiful gullies, the most famous is the Hòlzer gully: enclosed between rocks with a gradient never less than 40° degrees and an average width of 10m. After an 800m drop, it joins Val Lasties. Canale Joel has a average gradient of 35° to 40° degrees which it never exceeds and at the end it closes in between the rock faces to then suddenly open out onto the beautiful slopes above the Pordoi pass. The drop for the gully alone is around 500m.

Marmolada Marmolada – Trentino ClimbMamolada, the queen of the Dolomites, is the Dolomites’ tallest mountain with “punta Penia” at 3343m. In winter it turns into a freeride paradise for skier in the Fassa Valley. The starting point is punta Roca at 3250m where you ski on its beautiful slopes until arriving at Lake Fedaia at an altitude of 2000m. The variety of the terrain and the different trails available make it ideal for beginners as well as experts and demanding freeriders. It offers an unmissable day. There are more than 20 trails to choose from: Lidia with its final canyon, the variety of trials around Sasso delle Undici, the slope to Villetta Maria, the climb to punta Penia are just a few of the trails I offer.

Cortina d’ Ampezzo This famous tourist resort doesn’t need an introduction, but its worth noting that from its ski lifts you can reach Mount Cristallo and Antécime Tofana, the starting points for some the most beautiful freeride trails in the Dolomites.

The Creste Biache itinerary descends from Cristallo at an altitude of 3050m, until Carbonin at 1000m on open slopes with a gradient approximately 30° to 35° degrees and typically with powdery snow. There is an alternative route, descending from Val Verde for those who want to enjoy a second lap, for a full immersion day in the powder of the Cortina basin.

Bus di Tofana Bus di Tofana – Dolomiti – Trentino ClimbBus di Tofana is another classic off piste location. From the middle stop of the cable car “Freccia nel Cielo” at 3000m, down to Cortina. It has a unique starting point through the natural rock arch called “Bus de Tofana” by the locals. The inclination of the slopes are more than 30° degrees for the first 700m . The slopes are wide and allow the skier to trace perfect lines at high speed, its a wonderful experience with “corn” and the powder snow.

Canale Adriana from Forcella del Cristallo An exceptional skiing experience, famous for the beauty of the landscape, the constant gradient always above 35° degrees, wide terrain and very good fun to ski. The drop of the gully alone is of 1200m for a total of 1990m until Carbonin.

It is a challenging trail which is safe only for a limited time of the season. In the Fassa Valley there are several freeride itineraries served by the Dolomiti Superski pass: from Col Margherita to San Pellegrino Pass, Alpe del Cermis, Alpe di Lusia,Col Rodella, Forcella Demetz to name a few.

As a mountain guide I can take you in full safety to discover these wide range of routes, based on your skills level and physical aptitude, to plan an high quality off piste day in terms of snow, beauty and difficulty. Trails beyond the Dolomiti Superski area For many years I have been collaborating with Alpine Guides from Val D’ Aosta, Piedemont and France to organise trips lasting a few days.

These trips use both the ski lifts and helicopters on the Mount Rosa Masif, from Grossoney or Alagna or alternatively on Mount Blanc in areas such Grave, Andermat and Verbie. La Grave La Grave has an extraordinary charm for those who love alternative holidays.

This resort is dedicated to freeriders. However, you need to be very cautious and remember you are at a very high altitude and not on a ski slope. The itineraries are technical and long and require you to be constantly alert. The landscape is wonderful, with skiing itinerary starting at the bottom of the glacier Meije. Ideally you need a long weekend for this activity.

There are several well kept and welcoming “gite de tap” for a relaxing aprè ski. It’s also possible to hire Freeride skis…  Eliski da Alagna o Grossoney This classic tour of the area includes helicopter transfer to Colle del Lys at an altitude of 4200m, descent to Zermat and return. The cost of the service and the guide is of €300 per person. TECHNICAL DESCRIPTION: 6000m of descent is in fresh snow in an incredible alpine glacial environment. There is no uphill climbing and the slopes have an average gradient of 35° degrees. A high physical fitness and good skiing level are required.

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