For summer 2010 we have a selection of exciting treks that lead along panoramic footpaths, through fragrant forests and dramatic scenery to see special places and some intriguing natural monuments. Any technical equipment required is supplied by the guide. You are advised to wear hiking boots and comfortable loose clothing and to bring a change of clothes, a warm fleece and a water¬proof jacket. Cave Exploring with a visit to the Lamar Abyss This itinerary has a high difficult level. It is half a day long and it is organised for a minimum of 6 people. Rif. Agostini 2200m and a visit to the Ice Cave This itinerary is a medium difficulty level and requires a full day to complete. Please note it’s necessary to have a Jeep to get to the starting point. Rif. Brentei 2200m This is a medium difficult level excursion and takes a full day. Rif. Grosté 2500m trekking to the Rif. Tucket 2250m at Madonna di Campiglio This is an easy level trail and takes a full day. We need to take a skilift to get to the starting point of this trek.


Scramble and climb on near-vertical or vertical paths, equipped with metal cables and ladders. Reach unusual and breath taking locations in complete safety. Technical equipment is provided by the guide and is included in the cost. You are advised to wear trekking shoes or boots and comfortable loose clothing and to bring a change of shirt, food & drink. Trentino Climb organizes climb to the following vie ferrate: • Rio Sallagoni Castel Drena • Via Ferrata E. Susatti – Cima Capi Burrone Giovanelli • Via Ferrata Di Avio – G. Sega • Via Amicizia – Cima Sat • Via Ceghevara • Via Ferrata Monte Albano • Via Ferrata Rino Pisetta • Via Delle Bocchette • Trail of smugglers

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